AnyRidge® Implant System

One of the major benefits of dental implants is that they provide patients with a bite that feels firm and completely natural. And to help our patients achieve this level of functionality even better, Dr. Ravi Doctor’s Arlington and Southlake dental offices use the AnyRidge implant system.

Like other implant systems, AnyRidge can be used to replace a single tooth or an entire row of teeth. What sets AnyRidge apart from other implant systems, though, is its ease of use and its ability to get the most out of the patient’s existing bone density. Some doctors are even calling it revolutionary for being able to provide such unprecedented benefits for dentists and patients alike.

Part of what makes it possible for AnyRidge to provide better results is its unique design. AnyRidge has a tapered design that works for a variety of smiles, ensuring in every case that more bone tissue is preserved. By preserving more bone tissue, Dr. Doctor is able to, in some cases, avoid bone grafting or advanced surgery—a major benefit for patient and doctor alike. AnyRidge’s self-cutting threads makes placement easier, ensuring that a firm, stable connection is made between the implant and the bone when it’s first put in at either our Arlington or Southlake dental office. What’s more, AnyRidge’s unique design makes it possible for the abutment to grip the jawbone more tightly, ensuring that your implant never becomes loose.

These are the implant services that we offer in our new Southlake and renovated Arlington offices.